BSWCA School Lottery

The BSWCA has teamed up with Your School Lottery to present the BSWCA School Lottery.

How it works

Play the lottery, support the BSWCA and the school – it’s that simple!

Tickets for the lottery cost just £1 per week, with a top prize of £25,000!

Each ticket will consist of 6 numbers and each number will be between 0 and 9. There will be a draw every Saturday night when a 6 digit winning combination will be picked. Match all 6 and you win the JACKPOT!

There is also a guaranteed winner every Saturday which is drawn on a raffle basis, so there are two chances to win a prize.


The lottery and its prizes are our way of putting the fun into fundraising. From every £1 ticket sold:

  • 40p goes to the BSWCA
  • 36p goes to cash prizes
  • 20p goes to admin costs
  • 6p goes to VAT

To put this in perspective when you play the National Lottery 25% goes to good causes – with Your School Lottery we’ve nearly DOUBLED the ticket percentage that comes to us.

If we can sell 250 tickets, that will mean a weekly cash prize of £75, whilst raising £5,200 a year for the school.

How do I enter?

Click on the button below and you will be taken to our landing page on Your School Lottery, where you can create an account and buy your tickets. Note that you must be over 16 to play.

If you have any issues creating an account or purchasing tickets, please contact YourSchoolLottery support on 01865 582828 or at

Lottery Winners

July 2021

Date of DrawName of WinnerAmount Won
17-Jul-2021Hayley Cox£52.20
10-Jul-2021“Ms G”£52.80
03-Jul-2021“Mx B”£54.60

June 2021

Date of DrawName of WinnerAmount Won
26-Jun-2021“Miss M”£54.60
19-Jun-2021Lisa Bennett£54.60
12-Jun-2021Lynsey Kania£54.60
06-Feb-2021“Ms C”£54.60

May 2021

Date of DrawName of WinnerAmount Won
29-May-2021“Mx T”£55.50
22-May-2021Kitty Fok£54.60
15-May-2021Deborah Masters£53.70
08-May-2021Fiona Smith£54.30
01-May-2021Michelle Slater£56.40

April 2021

Date of DrawName of WinnerAmount Won
24-Apr-2021“Mx T”£56.40
17-Apr-2021Deborah Masters£56.10
10-Apr-2021Alison Smithen£56.40
03-Apr-2021“Mx D”£57.00

March 2021

Date of DrawName of WinnerAmount Won
27-Mar-2021Lynsey Kania£57.00
20-Mar-2021“Mx B”£55.80
13-Mar-2021Vicky McDougal£55.50
06-Mar-2021Hayley Cox£55.20

February 2021

Date of DrawName of WinnerAmount Won
27-Feb-2021Jo Crook£60.00
20-Feb-2021Lisa Bennett£59.10
13-Feb-2021Debbie McGladdery£57.60
06-Feb-2021“Mx H”£58.80

January 2021

Date of DrawName of WinnerAmount Won
30-Jan-2021Melanie Rhodes-Peel£59.70
23-Jan-2021Melanie Rhodes-Peel£59.10
16-Jan-2021Rachel Whiting£59.10
09-Jan-2021Sarah Smith£54.90
02-Jan-2021Abby Mabil£69.90

December 2020

Date of DrawName of WinnerAmount Won
26-Dec-2020“Mx G”£69.90
19-Dec-2020“Mx C”£69.60
12-Dec-2020“Mx M”£69.60
05-Dec-2020Ami Unakdat£67.20

Where Winner Names appear in double-quotes above, the ticket holder has not given us permission to use their full name, in accordance with our data protection policy.